The externality of the Inside
Live performance | 2022 | Irish World Academy, University of Limerick

Dance | choreography | video | Lenka Půžová
Sound | music | Pratyay Raha
Voice | Lenka Půžová, Vladimír Schmid

The performance was a result of three months process of a “stream of consciousness generated movement improvisation“, reflecting the process of encountering pregnancy for the first time. Lenka is led by the physical and mental changes that pregnancy carries, dealing with a “new“ body as a dancer. The final concept is based on perceiving the body as an environment to live in, being a whole world for someone else´s existence.
It reflects the two points of view that come in place – the body that “builds“ a new human being and the human being that´s evolving inside of another body. Leading to a question/illusion of who is, in fact, the one inside/outside. Imagining it in reverse, Lenka gives herself a spatial limitation that is, outside of this imaginary parallel, created by her own body. It all relates to the idea that the limitations that we face, are often defined only by ourselves.
The piece was performed live in the 7th month of pregnancy.

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