Real - ity?
Live performance | 2022 | Irish World Academy, University of Limerick

Dance | choreography | Lenka Půžová
Sound | music | Pratyay Raha
Voice | Lenka Půžová

The solo opens up the topic of transience, the question of whether the world around us is real or it´s just a subjective illusion mediated by each of us.

 What exactly does the reality look like? How can we be sure that the top is up, the bottom is down, and the right is right? 

I got ”inspired” by the recent situation in Eastern Europe, which touched me and the awareness of how human destiny can change from second to second. But also my frequent moving, relocation, and changes in the environment. One tries to transfer the experience from the place one left to the place where one returned/where one moved, but some things are non-transferable from one place to another and indescribable by words. 
Do we then live a reality transformed by a reference to the past that still affects us, even though it is no longer a reality? Can reality be fake? Is the past even a reality?

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