Lenka is a dancer, a performing artist, and a screendance maker focused on architecture and perception of space. 

She comes from the Czech Republic and is currently based in Brno, Czech Republic. She graduated from the Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, Ireland, with an MA in contemporary dance in 2022 and from the BUT Brno, Czech Republic, in architecture in 2017. 

Her dance background is further rooted in traditional Irish and Czech folk dance, but she has directed her movement style towards contemporary dance in recent years. According to her words, that enables her to express something difficult to find within the dance styles with a “set form“. 

She worked as a freelance architect and a dancer within the last five years. Since 2021, she has focused mainly on dance and screendance creation, leaving the experience from architectural practice as knowledge and a source of inspiration for her dance and movement projects. 

In her work, she explores the relationship between movement and its environment and the way they affect each other.

Recently, she has focused on the topic of movement within pregnancy.
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